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Civil Mass Wedding has been institutionalized as a yearly activity every month of February in Celebration of Civil Registration Month. For the month of February, streamers where hanged in front of the Municipal Building for the information and awareness of the people. One is the civil registration month celebration’s theme which is “Pilipinong Registrado, Matatag Na Kinabukasan Ay Sigurado”. The other steamer is the Mass Wedding which was scheduled February 28, 2017.

In the recruitment, the Municipal Civil Registrar (MCR) wrote letters to the Punong Barangays, Barangay Health Workers (BHWs) and Parent Leaders noted by the Local Chief Executive, seeking their assistance in the dissemination of Civil Mass Wedding so that interested parties had to apply not later that February 16, 2017 so that they will be included in the final lists and had ample time to accomplish the pre-requisite of applying marriage.

The MCR personnel, Charita R. Galimba, Gienella G. Packit and Donna Alyssa C. Iñigo exerted much effort in the preparation of the program, mass wedding token, name tags, lei of sponsors and especially the venue, which looked gorgeous and pleasant for the participants especially for the couples on their very special day. Assistance of some employees was sought in the physical preparation of the venue.

Before the program proper, registration was done, followed by the wedding march of each pair with their parents and sponsors at the red carpet with the angelic voices of Lea G. Ortiza and Laymar S. Sad-en singing love songs. Then, Hon. Rosario C. Coliwet, SBM Chairman Committee on Social Services, Family and Women warmly welcomed the guest and participants and extending her congratulatory remarks to the couples. To update the 23 couples as well as all the participants, MCR Charita R. Galimba mentioned some salient points about Civil Registration which must be re membered for a correct and authentic civil registration and to give solutions to problematic documents. Cheng H. Saflor, RN., who is a member one of the pre -marriage counseling team, talked on Responsible parenthood and Family Planning. Vice Mayor Armando P. Gaburno shared an inspirational message based on his personal experiences.

Before the solemnization proper, Mayor Pablito Benjamin P. Maggay II shared some healthy tips and rules of a happy and successful marriage. He compared marriage to a business. To have a profitable business, one must invest his/her money, time, effort to manage it to have a high return of investment (ROI). Same in marriage that both partners should give their 100% to make their marriage relationship works and make their family happy. Mayor solemnized the 23 couples and declared them legal husbands and wives by virtue vested in him by law.

After exchanging “I dos”, mayor requested them 5 minutes kissing in public to seal their forever love and for the photographer to take picture of their special moments as remembrance. After the solemnization proper, Pastor Alfredo H. Bogawit prayed over the newly -wed and distributed Holy Bible to each pair emphasizing to make Jesus the center of their relationship. Then, signing of certificates, distribution of tokens and picture taking were done simultaneously. Liga President Elmer V. Galula was responsible in the ceremonial toss and the slicing of the cake. He prayed for the success of the marriage of the 23 newly-wed couples and a happy and peaceful family they will build.

Moreover, he also prayed and hoped for their strength in facing as well as solving the trials, difficulties and problems they encounter in the future. While the couples were tossing the wine and eating together the sliced wedding cake, refreshments were served to the parents and sponsors. The Civil Mass Wedding was generally a success.

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