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Cervantes, Ilocos Sur

Entry Point: Bessang Pass/Sitio Biwak in Brgy Malaya

Exit Point: Sitio Paang in Brgy. Dinwede East

LLA: N16.91730° E 120.69162° 2331++ MASL

Days required/Hours to summit: 3 - 4 Days/ 8 - 9 hours

Specs: Major Climb, Difficulty 8/9 Trail class 1-3

Features: Highest mountain in Ilocos, mossy and pine forests, wide grassland summit, summit camp.


Day 0

2100H - Meet-up @ Victory Liner Cubao.

2200H - ETD to Baguio

Day 1

0400H - ETA Baguio City

0430H - ETD to Cervantes town via rented van.

0630H - Breakfast along the way

0900H - ETA Cervantes Town, meet the Local guides, register at PNP. Secure climb permit

0930H - Proceed to Brgy. Malaya

1000H - ETA Brgy. Malaya, register. Short briefing.

1030H - Proceed to Jump-off

1100H - ETA Jump-off (Bessang Pass) final preparation.

1130H - Start trek.

1300H - ETA Sitio Biwak, take lunch @ daycare center.

1400H - Resume trek.

1500H - ETA Viewdeck. Photo ops.

1530H - Resume trek @ Pine forest 45-50 degree down to river Base camp.

1630H - ETA Ballay Campsite (Basecamp), set-up camp. Base camp is 20 meters away from river.

1900H - Dinner, socials.

2200H - Lights off

Day 2

0500H - Wake-up call, prepare breakfast.

0800H - Break camp

0900H - Start trek.

1100H - ETA pine forests, Peak 1

1130H - ETA peak 2, take lunch.

1300H - Resume trek @ mossy forest

1430H - ETA peak 3, rest

1440H - Resume trek @ mossy forest, 50-60 degree assault to summit.

1600H - ETA summit, set-up camp, enjoy the sunset view. Note: Water source in KotKot Aso is 30-45 minutes away from summit campsite, but you can ask your guide to fetch water for your camp consumption.

1900H - Dinner, socials

2200H - Lights off

Day 3

0400H - Wake-up call, prepare breakfast and pack lunch.

0530H - Take breakfast, guides will fetch water for trail water after taking their breakfast.

0700H – Break camp

0800H - Start descent - 45 degree down to pine forest.

1000H - ETA Peak 5 (1,928+ masl) Kay-ang Rock formation, similar and smaller version of Gungal Rock in Mt. Ulap. Photo ops

1030H - Resume trek. 45-80 degree descent.

1200H - ETA Peak 6 (1,373 masl) take lunch.

1300H - Resume trek.

1500H - ETA Peak 7 (1, 299)

1600H - ETA Water source, spring

1700H - ETA Sitio Paang

1730H - ETA Gambang Hanging bridge. Optional Sidetrip at Gambang falls

1800H - ETA Sitio Namita, Barangay Malaya. Log - out. Back to town proper.

1830H - ETA town proper. Tidy up, take dinner.

2000H - Back to Baguio or Travel back to Manila.

0000H - ETA Baguio, Travel back to Manila. 0700H - ETA Manila.

Proposed and complete IT for the 3 days climb for regular pacing. Note: No walk in climbers are allowed. Only scheduled hikers are entertained.

For schedule reservations you may contact the ff: Terence Jerico D. Ambat @ +639983153302 Rufina Fetcha @ +639466668892

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