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The Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council (MDRRMC) of Cervantes Implemented the simultaneous earth quake drill in different schools as per instruction of the National Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council (NDRRMC). Its objective is to evaluate the level of preparedness of the employees, staff and students in event of earthquake and or other related disasters. It specifically aims to ensure safety of the employees and students during and after a damaging earthquake, train the employees and administrators to practice proper action and response during earthquake, and to help the administrators/employees and their disaster management committee to design specific response plan for earthquake. The activity put emphasis on the following reminder:


· Duck, cover and hold position

· Take cover under tables or strong supported doorway

· Watch out of falling debris

· Keep calm do not panic


· Be alert

· Listen to the personnel giving instruction

· Walk out of the building in a past and orderly manner

· While walking on the corridor look out for falling debris protect your head by your hands

· Do not run, do not push

· Do not engage in unnecessary chat and do not bring personal accessories that may impede escape

· Quietly and quickly proceed to designated evacuation area for the group and wait for further instructions.

· Never go back to the building once outside the building and must stay in the evacuation area

· Building should be inspected by engineers after an earthquake for possible damage

· For the personnel officer make sure that all students and teachers are all accounted in the designated evacuation area.

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