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This information is for the people of Cervantes regarding the issue from several sources that the on-going project of the Department of Agriculture and the Local Government Unit of Cervantes at Namita, Barangay Malaya, Cervantes, Ilocos Sur is not being used or will be used to mining, exploration or any related activities. Some people in Cervantes is spreading fake news that the project serves for mining purposes in the barangay. To those people, please allow me to enlighten your minds about the project.

The project is titled “CONSTRUCTION OF NAMITA AGRICULTURAL TRAMLINE SYSTEM”, a project of the Department of Agriculture (DA) under the Philippine Rural Development Project (PRDP) amounting to Four Million Six Hundred Ninety-Four Thousand Pesos (Php 4, 694, 000.00). It is poverty – reduction and agriculture and fisheries development program of the Department of Agriculture that aims to increase rural incomes and enhance farm and fishery in the targeted area in the Philippines. It is jointly funded by the National Government, Local Government Units, beneficiaries and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD).

An Agricultural Tramline is a metal racks that carries agricultural products from one place to another. Specifically, it carries all agricultural inputs and outputs. The people of Malaya are expected to benefit from this project in saving output hauling cost, savings in input hauling costs, saving in travel time for commuters and farmers/haulers, savings in newly cultivated agricultural land and savings in reduction of transport losses. Famers in sitios Namita, Nasusuan, and Bulala of the barangay hire haulers to bring their crops in the nearest access road network to be sold in the market, but with the implementation and operation of the tramline entails a saving in travel time for commuters and farmers/haulers for at least 40%. Moreover, the project will help farmers to lessen the postharvest losses and increase income as the volume of production increases and help to meet the demand of the people in Cervantes for those commodities.

The project is being closely monitored by PRDP and DA to strictly ensure that the project will serve its purpose.

Again, to the people sharing fake news, please get your facts straight because you are destroying the credibility of the project that will provide great help to the farmers of Barangay Malaya. For more comprehensive information, you may visit the Municipal Agriculture Office or the Municipal Engineering Office.

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