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Cervantes Got Talent—went Online


The first Ani Festival of Cervantes, Ilocos Sur was recently cancelled due to the risks brought by the COVID-19 disease. However, even in these circumstances, the organizers of the feast in cooperation with the Youth Committee wanted to continue the Cervantes Got Talent competition while following the procedures identified by the health sector in dealing with the disease. Thus, the competition will be carried through online, following the guidelines below.

I. Qualifications

1. All partcicipants must be

  • 12 to 30 years old

  • a bona fide resident of Cervantes, Ilocos Sur

2. Champion of the past Cervantes Got Talent competition may NO longer join.

II. Video Piece/Entry

1. A variety of entertainment is encouraged:

  • Singing

  • Playing a Musical Instrument

  • Dancing

  • Poetry

  • Stand-up Comedy

  • Or any other unique talent

2. Performers must be solo or duo only. (Duo should be house mates)

3. The video’s duration must be up to 3 minutes only.

4. No visual effects or edited videos allowed.

III. Submission of Entry

  • Send video via email: utilizing google drive for large files. (more than 24 mb).

Note: Follow this link for instruction on sending videos.

IV. Screening

  • Any video portraying unpleasant theme, language, violence, horror, sexual and drugs is disqualified.

  • All videos will be assessed by the committee before uploading to this page.

  • The 60% score from Judges will identify the TOP 15 talents to be uploaded on this Page.

V. Judging (Top 15)

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