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CSC warns public on circulation of fake news

The CSC warns the public to IGNORE THE FAKE NEWS circulating online saying that registered examinees of the 15 March 2020 Career Service Examination are automatically deemed passed.

The circulating fake news bears the message, "THUS; President Duterte announced last May 1, 2020 that all EXAMINEES are automatically passed the said exam both Professional Level and Subprofessional Level. CONGRATULATIONS EXAMINEES MARCH 2020"

The CSC has not issued any directive to pass registered examinees of the 15 March 2020 CSE Professional and Subprofessional without taking the actual test.

The CSC made the clarification and emphasized that the Career Service Examination (CSE) is a general ability test thathe merit and fitness of an individual for government career service. Such is principally founded on the provision of the 1987 Philippine Constitution that appointments in the civil service shall be made only according to merit and fitness to be determined, as far as practicable, and, except to positions which are policy-determining, primarily confidential or highly technical, by competitive examinations.

It is in this essence that civil service eligibility cannot be simply granted or given away without bases. Thus, the CSC has no existing policy on considering examinees of the Career Service Examination as “passed” by virtue of incidental factors or circumstances such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

It can be recalled that the CSC has suspended, until further notice, the conduct of the 15 March 2020 CSE Professional and Subprofessional and no date for the rescheduling of the said test has been made as of today. The original press release can be found here:

For this matter, the CSC shall issue an advisory on the reset of the suspended 15 March 2020 CSE-PPT in due time.

The CSC also advises the public to refer to its official website (, its main Facebook Page (, and its regional offices' Facebook Pages as sources of CSC-related information to avoid consuming and spreading fake news.

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