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The basketball and Volleyball Tournament finally resumed after 2 years of waiting

The Local Government Unit of Cervantes, headed by Mayor Paby Maggay, initiated a sports tournament- MAYOR'S CUP: a) Basketball for men; and Volleyball for women. Sixteen (16) teams comprised basketball, and twelve (12) teams for Volleyball. The facilitators of the tournament made sure that all the thirteen barangays of Cervantes are well represented for both games that were introduced, however, basketball opened three (3) slots for guests/ sponsored teams.

The oath-taking ceremony took place at the Municipal Gymnasium, at 9:00 AM this day. The Municipal Mayor, in his message, stated that the tournament was initiated to revive sportsmanship among the participants, and also reminded that each game has to be taken bearing in mind the true spirit of sports.

The tournament was successfully launched through the help of municipal employees, SK Chairpersons headed by Melody Tacio, the Local Youth Development Officer (LYDO) Mr. Larimar Opolencia, and volunteers from barangay Rosario.


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