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One of the activities of Cervantes Fiesta is the sports event. It focuses on the empowerment of sportsmanship and teamwork. Out of 13 barangays, only 11 joined. Each barangay has their own entry of basketball, volleyball men and women. Interested Cervantenians 30 years old and below were called to join. Punong Barangay Elmer V. Galula, the sports chairperson conducted the oath of amateurism on February 19. The league started on the same date and ended on April 4. In the game basketball, Rosario and San Juan of bracket A gambled for the championship which led them to a sizzling and nerve – wrecking game 3. With such might and stamina, Rosario won with Michael Deevid D. Bunoan as the Most Valuable Player by most set score. In the game of volleyball men, Rosario and San Juan battled for the championship and went far only on game 2 that made Janro Buenafe as the MVP. Lastly, Comillas South cut down Comillas North in the volleyball women finals. With great prowess, Florence Palangdan hooked the MVP title. Cash prizes and trophies were given to deserving and hardworking players from the municipality, LGU members, and generous donors

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