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The Local Government Unit (LGU) of Cervantes would like to extend their gratitude to the teachers of the participating schools. Cervantes National High School (CNHS) and Ilocos Sur Polytechnic State College- Cervantes Campus (ISPSC) welcomed the Anti-Drug Task Force to conduct symposium with students.

This had become one of the program of the LGU to sustain its record as Drug-Free Municipality. Together with the symposium is a Poster-Making Competition among selected students and made an outstanding performances because all their slogans speak on one thing- “We want to live in a Drug-Free Community.”

The speakers had shared several information about Drugs and its effects, current issues, Environmental Protection, and New Ordinances.

Students of Cervantes National High School as they participate to the activity.

Awarding of the Prize to the Champion of Poster-Making Contest

L-R Ms. Mary Jane Daproza, the Winning Student, SBM Julieta Valdez, and MLGOO Narciso Edal

SBM Rodolfo Gaburno discussed about the Municipal Ordinance No. 380 entitled “Mandating the use of Helmets within the Municipality of Cervantes, Ilocos Sur” and Municipal Ordinance No. 193 “Prohibiting Smoking in all Public Places within Cervantes, Ilocos Sur.”

Engr. Cesar Pe shared about the Municipal Ordinance No. 195 entitled “Penalizing Illegal Disposal of refuse/garbage, requiring every person, institution and establishment to provide receptacles for refuse to keep surrounding clean, and providing amnesty from prosecution.

Ms. Batsiba Octaviano, who is in charge with the Poster-Making Contest, explains about the mechanics of the contest.

MLGOO Narciso Edal led the Open Forum and discussed about issue on Novel Corona Virus.

Mr. Larimar Opolencia discussed about the different types of Drugs and its effects to human behavior.

SBM Julieta Valdez discussed about the Municipal Ordinance No. 359 entitled “Providing educational assistance for medicine and law students from the Municipality of Cervantes, Ilocos Sur. Also with the Municipal Ordinance No. 040 entitled “Repealing ordinance no. 023, series of 1999 regulating leisure hours of Minors to promote their safety and well-being.

Participating students of ISPSC- Cervantes Campus

Winner of the Poster-Making Contest.

L-R: SBM Jenghiz Harnois, SBM Zosimo Ningala, Mr. Gallema, SBM Julieta Valdez, and SBM Rosario Pe

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