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Pilipil: “The Untold Paradise”

Behind the mountains lie a glamorous paradise where everything was created beautifully and wonderfully in his time. A perfect area for motorcycle riders, an absolute venue for photo pictorials, an ideal place for adventurers and an unblemished spot to relax that we can find at Barangay, Pilipil. Where you can hike 1-2 hours without taking a break to reach the peak of the mountain and approximately 30 minutes to reach the mini dessert, located in the middle of the mountains. Sounds weird but true. The land were light and dark orange plus the burning heat of the sun makes it look like a dessert which is more enhanced by the astonishing view around it. You can find silence, peacefulness, calmness and you can feel the freshness of the breezing wind. No noise, no pollution. You will just embrace and love the beauty of our nature. Every sweat that fall is worth it. After hiking 1-2 hours and you’ll meet the climax of the place. Even struggling of being tired, all of it will fade after you see the gorgeous place in town. A hidden paradise, a wonderful place that can relieve your stress and it’s breezing cold wind that makes music to our ears. A place that is nowhere to be seen at the other part of Cervantes.

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